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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Raleigh Toddler Bed in Pink: Review by I Love My Kids Blog

"A bed your child will love!"

Being a first time parent is always very hard with all the changes that happen so quickly. My little girl is about to make transition from her crib to a toddler bed, I can’t believe it’s already around that time! When I started realizing that it was time to switch I instantly searched for some genuine and unique toddler beds. When I heard about KidKraft I knew they were the ones I needed to help me with the transitioning of my daughter!

raleigh toddler bed
Isn’t this bed absolutely gorgeous? Every time I see it I always think the same thing, “it’s so elegant looking.” I mean look at it, doesn’t it just have an elegance about it? I think so! This particular model is called, Raleigh Toddler Bed. It also comes in white and espresso. I had to get pink for my daughter. She loves pink. Well, I am not sure if she does love pink or not, but I am definitely forcing her to love it!
Once I came in contact with KidKraft I got this in the mail in about 5 days! I wasn’t expecting it to arrive that soon! I even forgot it was coming for a time, but it was very nice to get a little surprise at my door. I give major kudos to the company for such fast delivery for a large item!
This box was heavy! I can’t remember what the weight said but I think it was around 35-40ish pounds. I couldn’t wait to dig into this bed to put it together!
This is all the pieces it came with. It took us about 25 minutes to put the whole bed together. It was easy, and the instructions were word for word,  and step by step.

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