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Thursday, June 17, 2010

FireFly Blog Reviews Kidkraft Baking Set

We received an item free of charge for a review that my daughter wanted for so long. KidKraft Bright Baking Set has been on her wish list for years, and with all of her love for helping mommy cook I’m not surprised.

The item was received quickly in an excellent condition. A full box of kitchen goodies made of soft non-toxic wood, with bright colors that sure are to brighten any room your child brings them in.

The item includes 8 colorful toys that are:

•Mixer that lifts in and out for easy removal of the bowl
•Mixing bowl
•Rolling pin rolls back and forth
•Cooking pan
•Two chocolate chip cookies
•Measuring spoon

And best part there is no assembly required, which means your child can start playing as soon as the item is out of the box.

Princess absolutely loves this baking set. She is pretending and playing in her kitchen all the time. The stand mixer is so pretty (and may I add better than mommy has) that she is mixing some yummy pretend food all the time. Each item is so well made and real looking that play time is just perfect with KidKraft toys.

I’ve always loved KidKraft toys. They are perfectly made with real like style that truly can unleash the child’s imagination. Every piece is perfect and made of soft wood, and non-toxic materials perfect for kids, and it gives parents that freedom to let their kids play and explore freely.

The KidKraft Bright Baking Set is for children 3 plus, and it comes in bright pink, orange, blue and green colors on the natural wood. This same set also comes in the pastel color scheme and is available at Toys and Games Online for $19.95.

Source: Firefly Blog

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Babyology Reviews KidKraft's Modern Toddler Cot

"Wow! A fine piece of kid’s furniture that is available in Australia and also affordable??? Yehey!!" is an Australia based lifestyle website that focuses on keeping hip parents and their kiddos current on the world of baby-related design. As an online resource guide, not an e-catalog Babyology offers the latest news in 'must have' baby related products from toys, clothes, to gadgets.

The Review:Lovely memories are evoked when I think of my daughter’s toddler bed. It was where lots of ‘firsts’ took place: the first book reading with me perched on the side, the first time she got out of bed by herself and the first time I knew for sure my baby was no longer a baby.

I also remember the bit that took place before the wonderful memories. The eternal searching and finally buying the perfect toddler bed bit. It took at least a month to narrow the search as what I wanted seemed unattainable. I wanted a simple, designer-driven bed in a natural wood colour. I did finally get what I wanted but paid a lot more than the impeccably crafted
KidKraft Modern Toddler Cot.

KidKraft, a US company with forty years in the industry, has made a toddler bed that is a modern parent’s dream come true. It ticks all the boxes mentioned above plus has a stunning bench at the foot of the bed perfect for storage or seating while getting dressed. There’s non-fussy bed rails for security and a low to the ground design for easy access.

To start your toddler on their new bed journey with this sensational piece, go to which has them locally for only $279 plus shipping. Buyster also stock a huge range of seating, storage, desks and other furniture from the KidKraft range.

Don’t forget to check out the vast range of fabulous toys and playsets, a few of which are available in Australia.


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