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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Supplies for the perfect Christmas morning

Picture this: It’s 6AM (if you’re lucky!). The kids run screaming through the house to see what Santa brought. They start ripping through packages; wrapping paper goes flying through the air. But it all comes to a screeching halt when they can’t open one of the boxes, and you can’t remember where you left the scissors!

Potential Christmas day disasters like this are easily averted with a simple checklist. You know you’ll need: batteries of all sizes, a screwdriver, scissors and trash bags for easy cleanup. But KidKraft has a few other ideas on how to make Christmas perfect.


Our Limited-Edition Orange Corner Kitchen is sure to be a hangout spot for all the budding chefs in the neighborhood. With doors that open and close, this kitchen playset is just the thing you need to cook up a good time!


It's not just a dollhouse, but a Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse! More than 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide, it’s a jumbo-sized paradise for your kids’ favorite dolls. They’ll love playing with the gliding elevator, spiral staircase, 30 pieces of detailed doll furniture and separate backyard area, complete with swimming pool and barbecue grill.


There are train sets and then there are dinosaur train sets—complete with giant insects and cavemen! Our 95-piece Dinosaur Train Set and Table and its lava-filled volcano, a tunnel made of dinosaur bones, moving dinosaur crane and prehistoric police station and fire station is good for hours of entertainment.


Create a private play space for your little knights—one that lets them go on adventures without even leaving the house. They can go hunting for treasure, save a damsel in distress or hide from dangerous enemies. And our Castle Tent with Tunnel has detailed castle artwork, including torches, swords and a coat of arms. The quick assembly makes setup a breeze.

Live. Laugh. Play. With KidKraft. Find the perfect holiday gifts at our site.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

How to turn holiday family time into play time

Togetherness is what the holidays are all about, but what are you supposed to do with all that time? This holiday season, invest in a few KidKraft gifts that will provide hours of fun and entertainment and create lasting memories.


Perfect for little hands, The Lil' Symphony: Band In A Box will bring out the musician in your little ones (and you!). Assemble as many sets of instruments as you need to get everyone in on the act—even grandmas and grandpas—then record their efforts and play back each year to the delight and entertainment of your guests.    


When your little natives are restless, create a private play space just for them and that will last for years to come. Sure to be the site of many indoor campouts (and play headquarters during the holidays), our Teepee In Orange will also be a big hit with young sleepover guests. The quick assembly (just a few easy steps!) makes setup a breeze. 


When the rocking horse needs a rest, your kiddos can answer the call of the open road—and work off some energy—with his and her motorcycle rockers. The Star Studded Rockin' Motorcycle and the Flower Power Rockin' Motorcycle are decorated with detailed graphics and make realistic motorcycle sounds at the push of a button.        



Put busy hands to work at their very own Deluxe Workbench. With tons of interactive pieces and fun details, this play set inspires creativity and imagination (and helps with hand-eye coordination, but that can be our little secret). They can even learn good cleanup habits by storing their tools in the convenient storage bins when they’re finished playing.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Cooking up fun

Everyone congregates in the kitchen during the holidays, making it the perfect time to get your kids’ creative juices flowing with a KidKraft kitchen play set. We’ve even thrown in a few recipes that you can cook as a family. Food fight!


It’s a kitchen just like Mom and Dad’s! Your little chefs will love that this set comes with a freestanding refrigerator and freezer, that the doors open and close on all the appliances and the knobs on the dishwasher, oven and sink actually turn. Plus, it’s large enough that more than one child can play at a time, but still small enough to fit in your own kitchen so you can “cook” together!


There is just something about kitchen play sets that kids love, and girls especially will adore our pretty in pink Gracie Play Kitchen. The doors open and close, and the knobs turn and click. The sink even pulls out for easy cleanup.


Kids today have more sophisticated palates than ever before, and our new Sushi Dinner Set is one way to encourage them to experiment. The 22-piece set even includes a pretend soy sauce bottle and chopsticks.


When you’re ready to explore the culinary arts with your kids, try this recipe that’s fun, fun, fun! Oh, and healthy, and easy—all you need is elastic cord, a yarn needle and fruit. They’ll love stringing together berries and fruit and making their own little creations. And when you run out of fruit, you can always use Cheerios or popcorn.


This is an adorable and delicious snack that kids will love making almost as much as they’ll love eating! Marshmallows make great eggs for your nest until Easter rolls around, when you can always add some Peeps or chocolate eggs.


Impress your granola-loving kids with your own homemade version, a version that lets you control the contents and therefore the overall healthiness. Not only does it make a great project for a wintery day, but it makes the house smell delicious, too.

The hardest part of this recipe by far is letting it cool! Just plant your little ones at the kitchen table and let them be in charge of measuring out all the ingredients (under your supervision, of course!). The children will find it even more delicious knowing they helped bake it.

Live. Laugh. Play. Find the perfect holiday gift on our website, and follow us on Pinterest for more fun ideas!  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's all in the details

KidKraft is a different kind of toy company, and not just because we make high-quality wooden toys and furniture when others have resorted to plastic and other less expensive materials. For more than 40 years, we’ve specialized in toys that are inventive, interactive and educational. They are, in fact, the perfect balance to all the high-tech gadgets that seem to have replaced the traditional toy box and everything in it. Our whimsical designs encourage kids’ creativity, stoke their imagination and create lasting family memories.

Play kitchens, dollhouses, doll furniture, outdoor playhouses, rockers and train sets are just a few of the fun things KidKraft is known for, all over the world. We also make all kinds of children’s furniture, including chairs, tables, train tables, room sets, vanities and beds, that suit both the needs and wants of your little ones. More than 250 of our toys and furniture pieces can be personalized with a child’s name or nickname for an extra-special touch.

Everything we sell is designed by a team of dedicated engineers who focus on making each product as safe and long lasting as possible. This means that everything from our largest outdoor playhouse to our smallest step stool will last for years and years and can be passed from one generation to the next.

We have offices all over the world, so KidKraft employees are working around the clock for our customers and their children. If you have any questions about your item, there will always be someone ready and willing to get you the assistance you need. Your complete satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.

Live. Laugh. Play. Find your next gift at our website, and follow us on Pinterest for more ideas for the holidays and beyond. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Give Thanks and Take Five! Win the Ultimate Playroom!

Show us what your kids are thankful for this Thanksgiving! Tag your pictures with #KidKraftThanks and post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest for your chance at winning The Ultimate Playroom! 

Winner can choose five of these 11 new holiday items!

All entrants are bound by promotional rules, some restrictions apply. View complete rules here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kids' foods fit for a feast

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and never more so than during the holidays. And while you have everyone together, why not put them to work! Making things together in the kitchen is a way to inspire your kids’ imagination (and appetite) and create memories and traditions for years to come. Here are a few adorable yet delicious recipes your kids will eat right up!

Food Fun with Kids!

What child wouldn’t be interested in an edible decoration with all the major food groups represented—peanut buttercups, Oreos, candy corn and Whoppers? Little kids can help sort and count the candy as the bigger kids work on assembling all the pieces. Let them decorate their table with their masterpieces—then gobble them up for dessert!

Food Fun with Kids!

Try making these cookies with your little turkeys! They consist of frosting and candy corn on sugar cookies—super easy and super cute! Wrap them individually for a school bake sale (sure to be a bestseller!) or fill up your cookie jar for holiday guests.

Harvest Hash - Halloween Trail Mix

This super versatile recipe offers numerous ingredient combinations—you can just experiment until you find the perfect mix. Once you have the main ingredients together, try adding nuts, marshmallows, popcorn, Goldfish, Cheerios, chocolate chips or Craisins. The recipe could even be customized with everyone’s favorites for that long car ride.

Live. Laugh. Play. Get inspired at our website, and follow us on Pinterest for more fun ideas. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thanksgiving decor to make with the family

As the holidays approach, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos. Why not take time out for a little fun and get the kids in on the act as you prep for Thanksgiving? These adorable crafts will help encourage creativity and imagination—not to mention create lasting family memories. A pint-sized table and chair set from KidKraft is the perfect place to start. It can serve as crafting headquarters until Thanksgiving Day, when the little ones sit down to their own feast!

cute candy corn turkey is a playful way to put some of that leftover Halloween candy to good use. The list of supplies you’ll need is short, and it’ll take no time at all to trace, color and glue your way to some festive Thanksgiving decor! Even younger kids can get in on the act with this super-simple craft. 
15 Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

Remind family and friends just how thankful you are to have them in your life with Thanksgiving cards handmade by your children. It’s a sweet, creative way to bring smiles to their faces.
15 Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

No refrigerator door would be complete without at least one paper plate turkey. The googly eyes, seasonal colors and 3-D beak cutout are sure to make you smile even when you’re in the midst of preparing your own Thanksgiving turkey. 
Paper Plate Turkey

We love this idea! Every day during the month of November, have everyone in your house write down something they’re thankful for and slip the paper into the Thankful Turkey Box. On Thanksgiving Day, while everyone is gathered around the dinner table, get all the papers out and read them as a family. It’s a great conversation starter, too!
Thankful Turkey Box Tutorial

After a long day of crafting, retire to the porch for some much-earned rest. Our two-slat rocking chairs provide the perfect respite. And keep all their crafts supplies handy and organized by storing them all in our sturdy toy caddy, perfect for toting from room to room.
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

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