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Tuesday, July 16, 2013 Reviews our Master Cook's Kitchen

The KidKraft Master Cook’s Kitchen has become a favorite addition to my preschool classroom. My 14 year old son offered to assemble the play kitchen for me. Knowing what a difficult challenge most kids toys are to put together I hesitantly allowed him to make the attempt. 

Leaving him to his task I was certain he would struggle; after all kids toys are not known for easy assembly. Shortly after I left I received a text message with a picture attached of the neatly packaged nuts, bolts and screws. His message “that’s a lot of screws” made me giggle and even more confident that he would give up because it was in deed a lot of screws. Several hours later he invited me to the basement to see the completed project. 

The Kidkraft Master Cook’s Kitchen is a beautiful piece of play furniture that is sturdy, well made and appealing to the eye. With coordinating pastel colors I believe it would blend in with most kids rooms or play rooms. The sturdy stove burners, sink faucets and door handles will ensure many years of fun play. Continued...

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