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Full Time Mama Reviews Limited Edition Toy Box

When I saw the toy boxes at KidKraft, I saw a perfect dress-up box to replace the broken one in Brooke’s room. Not only is it solid wood, but it’s much larger than what she had, meaning it could hold all of her dress-up plus the boys’ dress-up, and likely have room for more!

Brooke couldn’t have been more excited to get that toy box put together when it came. I decided to do it myself, just to see how easy or difficult it was. I was impressed that it didn’t come with a bazzillion pieces, and the directions were so clear and easy to follow... Read full review at

Limited Edition Toy Box in White

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Majestic Mansion Dollhouse in Stores Now!

Majestic Mansion Dollhouse - item 65252

Our Majestic Mansion is over four feet wide and four-and-a-half feet tall, giving young girls tons of space for taking care of their favorite dolls This adorable dollhouse is full of fun and interactive features.
  • 35 furniture pieces and accessories, including a grandfather clock, a cute little kitten and more
  • 8 rooms of open space to decorate
  • Elevator glides back and forth between the second floor and the third floor
  • Garage with doors that swing open and close
  • Wide windows on both sides for viewing dolls from a different point of view
  • Accommodates fashion dolls up to 12” tall
  • Large enough that multiple children can play at once

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beachfront Mansion Dollhouse Available in Stores

65385 Beachfront Mansion
Get ready to fall in love with our Beachfront Mansion’s sleek, modern design. This chic wooden dollhouse stands at over four feet tall and makes a great gift for any young girl who wants her dolls to live in style

  • Includes 14 pieces of furniture
  • Convenient storage space with two sliding doors located under the dollhouse
  • Gliding elevator takes dolls from the first floor to the second
  • Made of composite wood materials
  • Packaged with detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Accommodates fashion dolls up to 12 inches tall
  • Dimensions: 33.13 in L x 13.75 in W x 49.38 in H

Friday, November 2, 2012

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