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Friday, January 31, 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spielwarenmesse in Nürnberg, Germany!

Members of our KidKraft team at Spielwarenmesse in Nürnberg, Germany! 


Single & Double Storage Units! In Stores Now

Saturday, January 25, 2014

NEW! Pirate Toddler Bed

Friday, January 24, 2014

NEW! Deluxe Activity Cube

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Master Cook's Kitchen Review by The Bee Hive Buzz

Get Cooking With KidKraft Play Kitchens!

My husband is a professional chef and one thing we both look forward to, is teaching Emma how to cook someday.  My husband is a big kid at heart and that's one of the things that I absolutely love about him.  
When I was thinking about ways for my two loves to bond and learn and play together, I immediately thought of a play kitchen.  I thought to myself, what better way for Daddy to teach Emma to cook than in her very own kitchen!  That's how KidKraft came into the picture! 

KidKraft offers some amazing play sets and learning products and they sent us one of their play kitchens to play with.  The kitchen they sent us was their Master Cook's Kitchen and it is absolutely adorable!

Not only is it colorful and fun, but the quality is just spectacular!  I'm not a big fan of those hard plastic kitchens on the market and our KidKraft kitchen is made of sturdy wood!  Its just lovely!  It features a stove top, oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, a telephone, cupboards and pegs spices and utensils and several shelves for storage as well.  Its just the perfect size for little kids too!

We did have to assemble our kitchen and it took a good few hours to do but we are so happy with it!  The finished result is definitely worth the time commitment to assemble it!  Were definitely hooked on KidKraft products now!  Ive heard great things from others moms but experiencing the kitchen in person, it just blew us away!

My husband and Emma made me a special meal of plastic corn and peas today.  Yummy!  Daddy and Emma's new secret special recipe that only Daddy and Emma Bee know.   It was fabulous!  Emma really seems to be in aw with her new kitchen.   The colors and the knobs really grab her attention.   And she can even adjust the temperature of her oven so that she doesn't burn the cookies her and daddy are baking.   

Shes still a dainty little thing and shes still a bit young to fully play with her kitchen on her own without mom and dad helping her cook, but this is something shell be able to play with and enjoy for a long long time!  For now, Emma likes to open and close the bottom cupboard, fridge and oven and likes to adjust her temperature knobs.  

The temp on the oven is her favorite as of right now.  We started with the kitchen in her bedroom upstairs but ended up moving it downstairs to our family room since shes spending so much time playing with it.  We spend more time in the family room than we do in her bed room.  Maybe now she can cook us a special holiday dinner!

I remember when I was little, play kitchens were pretty popular and I always wanted one but never had one.  I guess this is my way of reliving that dream with Emma.  Of course, the play kitchens that I remember my friends and playmates having when I was little weren't nearly as nice as our KidKraft kitchen!

Not only does KidKraft offer play kitchens but they have lots of other children's furniture, toys and play sets that look like so much fun! They have rockers, doll houses, bedroom furniture, toddler beds and plenty of room decor!

I'm really in love with their outdoor playhouses and toddler beds!  We are big advocates for outdoor play and spending as much time in the summer sun and fresh air as possible.   I remember playing house outside when I was little.  

My memories of the make believe worlds from my childhood make me smile from ear to ear whenever I think about the time I spent outside playing with my cousins and neighbor kids.  I cant wait for Emma to get bigger so we can get a KidKraft playhouse and have picnics and play house outside all day long.

Their toddler beds are just beautiful!  Their website has a dollhouse toddler bed and the headboard looks like the inside of a dollhouse.  Babies grow too fast and I am sort of dreading the day that Emma leaves her crib and spends her first night in a toddler bed.  But I think Id feel a little more at ease knowing shes sleeping sound and having sweet dreams in such a beautiful bed.  So well be looking into these beds soon!

I cant wait to fill Emma's Master Cooks Kitchen with "groceries."  We love to recycle and reuse so I've been saving a bunch of plastic food containers for her to use for cooking in her kitchen so well be stocking her fridge with goodies soon!   Our KidKraft kitchen is going to create so many wonderful memories and experiences for our family.  I know when Emma is big, shell be able to think back on the days she spent with Daddy teaching her how to cook.  

If you're looking for the perfect holiday or birthday gift, KidKraft has it for sure!  Whether its one of their play kitchens or another product, they have something for every child and family!
Be sure to check out KidKraft online to see all of the amazing play kitchens and the other fantastic products they have to offer!  You can also LIKE KidKraft on Facebook (and I suggest you do) and follow them on Twitter as well!

Source: The Bee Hive Buzz

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Simple Moms: A Great Table to Grow with Your Kids (Highlighter Table & 4-Chair Set

Kids grow. It’s inevitable as we all know. On top of that, as they grow, they grow out of things. Is there anything worse than feeling like you are wasting your money? I always try to think in advance before I make a purchase… will this still be used in a couple years? Are there any other items I can purchase to alleviate the necessity to purchase a similar item again, but something that will “fit” them at the time?  I wish I would have received this item sooner, it would have saved me the headache of the outgrowing toddler table that my 7 year old was still trying to fit at. :) 

My girls just love to do crafts. They love to color. They love to play with their dolls and barbies. I had a smaller table that my 7 year old could no longer sit at, so she was always crouched at the small, toddler table. It was quite the site. I have been eying this table from KidKraft. If you haven’t heard of KidKraft before, you totally have to check them out. I love their products. I have a handful of them, and also reviewed a fun set a little while back, the Espresso Baking Set.

Today, I wanted to share with you my girls’ new table, the Highlighter Table from KidKraft. In my opinion, this is the best table I have found!  Not only is it great on the eye (well, if you like bright colors like I do!), but it’s sturdy and great for my kids!  And don’t worry, if you don’t like the bright colors, KidKraft does offer similar tables in more neutral colors. Continue reading review...

kidkraft highlighter table overall

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Elegant 18" Doll Manor Review by Moms Review 4 You

Read review...


If you have a daughter that is interested in 18" dolls, you have to check out the KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse.  I was so excited when I found out about this dollhouse, because I have two daughters who love playing dolls and I knew that this dollhouse would be cherished, loved and used for years to come.  We are lucky to live within three blocks of all my kids cousins, and the girls all love getting together to play.  

They all bring their favorite 18" dolls, clothes to change the dolls into, and they spend hours together playing.  I knew that the KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse would be a gift that my girls would love and I was so excited to give it to them for Christmas.  Its always extra special when you find the perfect gift. This was the perfect gift.

I will be completely honest with you, though.  I was very nervous to put this set together because I was afraid that it "claimed" to fit 18" dolls, but what if I put it together and it was smaller than I expected.  I felt that the photos above made the doll house look really fun, but it doesn't look like it would really hold 18" dolls.  
I searched and searched for reviews on this item but couldn't really find anything that really showed what it looked like with the dolls.  I bought this item for my girls.  It was not a review.  I just really wanted to show how perfectly 18" dolls fit in the KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse.  Not only fit, but as you can see from the photo below, this doll house is large enough for multiple dolls. Continue reading review....

Monday, January 13, 2014

Friday, January 10, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Radiator Springs Race Track Set & Table

Instagram photo by @tcrimm08 (Tanya)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Farm Train Set Review by Family Centsability


Ready to make your train lover happy?  The KidKraft Farm Train Set might be just what you are looking for the holidays this year!  My sons both love trains.  We can see and hear the train from our house, and they are fascinated, but they don’t care whether it’s Thomas or Chuggington or anyone else, as long as it’s a choo choo train!  The Farm Train Set is perfect, being durable, affordable, and entertaining for multiple ages.

This set is made of wooden track pieces, small figures and buildings, and train cars – a total of 75 pieces to keep your little ones busy.  Kids decide they love Thomas?  The KidKraft track is compatible with Thomas & Friends and Brio wooden train sets, too!  Our oldest has endless fun with the recognizable landmarks, such as a waterfall, barn, pond, windmill and various animals he identifies for us.  None of these pieces are attached to the track, so if your little one is not ready for small pieces yet, you can simply put those away and bring them out as the children grow and are ready for new adventures. 

Source: Family Centsability


The first time we saw a set like this was at our Toys R Us store, all set up on an activity table with trains and accessories galore.  We let our oldest son get down and play with it, and his first tantrum and attempt to run off was when we told him it was time to go.  I know, that doesn’t sound like a good thing, and he didn’t get to take any of it home that day.  But it did show us that he was incredibly interested in the wooden train sets, since it was the first thing he was so passionate about.

The excitement was even stronger when he finally had his own set at home, and he loves knowing that once in a while, if he is good and helps Mommy and Daddy, he can add to his set with a small and inexpensive train car addition – compatible trains are sold at almost any major retailer!  It’s a great way to save money but also teach him about earning rewards and making careful selections. 
For a wooden train set, it’s hard to beat the quality and price of the KidKraft line.  A gift like this will last your little conductor for years to come, and could be just the start of a fun and educational collection!

Friday, January 3, 2014

WILD 107.7 Giving Tree Party

We are so excited to have participated in the WILD 107.7 Giving Tree Party in Central Oregon to help children in need.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Wall Storage Unit - Espresso by

KidKraft Wall Organizer Review

Kids are kids when it comes to making messes – but I think my kids have an extra special gift talent for making even bigger messes than normal. Room to room – whirlwind of toys in their path – and I lose my mind because I (like most other normal people) enjoy not stepping on a plastic army man with bare feet or a triangle block in the middle of the night. (The things I think at these times cannot be shared here lol). 

But I have found a solution that has made my life free from stepping on triangle blocks in the middle of the night (for the most part) and helping my kids learn about responsibility of cleaning up their toys. It is a toy organizer, and not just any organizer – but the KidKraft Wall Organizer.
KidKraft Wall Organizer Review

We have had our KidKraft Wall Organizer for the last few weeks and it has made a tremendous difference in how the kids keep their room clean! I think that the biggest reason for this is because everything is organized but in a simple way, and it is all at their level. 

The boxes pull out easily for them to put on the floor and throw the toys into and then put back in the cubby. There are three big compartments on the bottom for the bigger toys, and then two larger compartments that we use for books. It is really just the perfect layout.

KidKraft Wall Organizer Review

It was fairly easy to put together. It took my husband and I because some of the pieces went together easier with someone holding them, but for the most part the instructions were good and all of the pieces were there as well as extra hardware. 

The thing I loved the most was how the hardware (screws, etc) were all labeled on the back and separated so that you weren’t trying to guess if you had the right one, you knew right away because it was labeled.

Overall we are very happy with the quality and look of the KidKraft Wall Organizer. We have gone through a lot of organizers/shelf/toy box systems over the last 9 years, and this is by far the best one. It gives you a lot of storage space without taking up a lot of room.

KidKraft Wall Organizer Review

Read more about the KidKraft Wall Organizer at:


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