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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Personalized Puppy Pillow & Cuddle Blanket Set


Noah's Shape Sorter Cube Review by My Life According to Pinterest

Most toddlers will start to develop the hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills they need to be able to sort around 15-18 months. Little Guy doesn't have any kind of shape sorter toy, so I thought this would be a great 1st birthday celebration present that he could enjoy for some time to come!  

This solid wood shape sorter is really pretty and colorful!  It includes the Ark, Noah and his wife, and two of each of the following animals: lion, panda, turtle, dove, monkey, giraffe, and elephant.  The moment I pulled this toy out Little Guy was VERY interested.  He crawled right over and immediately took the top off the ark and started pulling out all of the animals. The animals are the absolute perfect size for little hands!  

Source: My Life According to Pinterest

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Ahh-Mazing-Reviews: Flip Stool in White

"This stool can be used as a stool or a little chair."

I absolutely love working with KidKraft.  It has become a brand I love and trust, for durable toys and furniture.  All of Davey’s furniture in his room is made by KidKraft and we have had a few KidKraft toys in the past.  

Now that Davey is getting a little older it was definitely time for him to have a stool so he can reach the sink to wash his hands when he uses the bathroom, or to stand at the sink and brush his teeth himself.  I’ll admit, I’ve babied him a bit, but now it is time for him to learn a little independence and do things on his own.  So we were excited when KidKraft sent us aFlip Stool! Continued...

Source: Ahh-Mazing Reviews

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

New! Navy Vintage Kitchen (VIDEO)

NEW! Coming Soon. Princess Castle

Includes 14 Pieces of Furniture.

Friday, August 9, 2013

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Housewife On a Mission: The Bead Maze Cube

When I saw that KidKraft had a Bead Maze Cube, I knew that my son was going to love it! 

There are 4 sides to play with, plus the top has the fun loops with little toys you can slide (I'm not sure what to call it). I like that this toy in particular teaches my son his shapes, numbers, colors, and hand-eye coordination... and is really fun to play with!

  • So many choices! The KidKraft Bead Maze Cube gives young boys and girls in your life 5 sides of fun to choose from.
  • Each side gives young kids a different activity that will help with the development of color recognition, shape recognition and eye-hand coordination.
  • Adorable farm theme, complete with tractors, trees and a big farmhouse.
  • Bead maze with pieces made of solid wood.
  • Shape sorter.
  • Rotating gears.
  • Movable tiles with numbers on one side and colorful shapes on the other.
  • 10.63" L x 10.51" W x 19.6" H
  • Solid wood and metal.
My son loves playing with the toys on the loops! His big sister shows him how to take the tractor and plow the veggies and fruits and my son thinks it's too funny!

Source: Housewife on a Mission

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