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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kids' foods fit for a feast

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and never more so than during the holidays. And while you have everyone together, why not put them to work! Making things together in the kitchen is a way to inspire your kids’ imagination (and appetite) and create memories and traditions for years to come. Here are a few adorable yet delicious recipes your kids will eat right up!

Food Fun with Kids!

What child wouldn’t be interested in an edible decoration with all the major food groups represented—peanut buttercups, Oreos, candy corn and Whoppers? Little kids can help sort and count the candy as the bigger kids work on assembling all the pieces. Let them decorate their table with their masterpieces—then gobble them up for dessert!

Food Fun with Kids!

Try making these cookies with your little turkeys! They consist of frosting and candy corn on sugar cookies—super easy and super cute! Wrap them individually for a school bake sale (sure to be a bestseller!) or fill up your cookie jar for holiday guests.

Harvest Hash - Halloween Trail Mix

This super versatile recipe offers numerous ingredient combinations—you can just experiment until you find the perfect mix. Once you have the main ingredients together, try adding nuts, marshmallows, popcorn, Goldfish, Cheerios, chocolate chips or Craisins. The recipe could even be customized with everyone’s favorites for that long car ride.

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