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Friday, November 21, 2014

How to make your kids want to go to their room

Kids only get one childhood. And during that precious time, their bedrooms should be fun, creative havens for them to learn and grow. Here are a few ideas for ways to create their perfect retreat.


Our adorable Airplane Toddler Bed is an ideal centerpiece for your little pilot’s space (and makes an easy transition piece from crib to bed). The propeller at the foot of the bed really spins, and the matching bedding features blue airplanes and white puffy clouds. For a special touch, hang clouds of your own from the ceiling. All you need is fake snow, needle and thread, scissors and masking tape. Get the instructions here. Another crafty idea is to put airplane decals on a plain lampshade to cast airplane silhouettes on the wall when the lights are out.


Our Dollhouse Toddler Bed is a dream come true for little girls. The headboard with the built-in dollhouse is the perfect place for her to store the treasures she likes to keep close. The fence doubles as a bed rail, and the dollhouse doors to match the walls then use double stick tape to adhere them to the outlets in the room. You’ll need dollhouse doors, paint and double-stick tape.
windows actually open and close. The matching bedding is great for parents, as it comes with a reversible comforter, flat and fitted sheets and a pillowcase. Add your own personal touch to her room with a simple but precious project. Paint


Our Racecar Toddler Bed will be the envy of every kid on the block! Of course, you’ll need the bedding to go with it. Then hang cars wallpaper on one wall as an accent or a racecar-themed mural—you could make it look like the car was coming out of the scene on the wall. You can find a ton of ideas for murals, starting as low as $150. You can even upload your own photo to create a customized display! If you really want to go the extra mile, throw in this adorable Activity Car or Mega Ramp Racing Set—or both!


Every kid dreams of being a firefighter when they grow up, and now they can do it from their very own Fire Truck Toddler Bed. Add the fire truck bedding and the Fire Station Set, the Deluxe Fire Rescue Set or the Hometown Heroes Wooden Play Set for best effect. One way to get your kids in on the act—put three canvases down and have them paint a fire truck across them then hang as a triptych. If you want to go a step further, paint the outside of the firehouse on the wall and attach a battery-operated wall sconce so it looks like the firehouse’s outside light!


She’ll always be your little princess, so why not give her the room to match? Let her lay her head down to sleep in this magical Princess Toddler Bed with Classic Princess Toddler Bedding. Then hang white holiday lights on the ceiling and drape a sheer curtain over them for a truly dreamy effect.

Live. Laugh. Play. Find your next gift at our website, and follow us on Pinterest for more ideas for the holidays and beyond. 

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