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Monday, November 24, 2014

What to do when the weather outside is frightful

If it’s freezing rain outside, chances are it’s total mayhem inside. So when you’re looking for ways to keep the little ones entertained, look no further. These indoor activities will keep your children from going stir-crazy and help you maintain your sanity!


It’s a train table. It’s a building block board. It’s super fun! Park your little players in front of the 2-in-1 Activity Table and let them go to town. It comes with 200 LEGO®-compatible blocks and a 30-piece train set. They’ll love it because when they get tired of one activity, they can flip the board over and start a new one. And you’ll love it because it cleans up in a flash—just store all the parts and pieces under the tabletop.


Just because you’re snowed in doesn’t mean their imaginations can’t fly. The Airport Express Train Set & Table contains an entire city’s worth of stuff to do, including a 100-piece train set, a drive-through mountain with helipad, four cars, two airplanes, a helicopter and a deluxe airport and control tower with antennae. The tabletop is reversible and has storage for easy cleanup.


A trip to the market sounds so much more enticing when it’s in your own living room. At our Grocery Marketplace, young shoppers can pick out their own groceries and pay with the interactive cash register. There’s even a chalkboard for displaying the daily specials.


Kids are used to seeing family and friends hang out in the kitchen so naturally they’ll love having one of their own. The Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen With Cookware Set gives young chefs everything they need to cook up a good time. The refrigerator, freezer, oven and microwave doors all open and close, and the knobs on the oven and sink turn and click. And the pièce de résistance—the adorable matching 27-piece cookware set!


Here’s something we bet they’ve never tried—painting on the windows! This fun rainy day activity makes a nice change of pace from paper. Plus, kids feel like maybe they are doing something they’re not supposed to, which they love! Mix a small amount of dish soap in tempera paint and use painter’s tape to create a frame—you could even use the tape to create a Mondrian window (which you could turn into an art lesson for slightly older kids). Then just let the magic unfold. Won’t they be surprised when, a few days later, it turns into a window-washing project!


This is an activity that’s disguised as a game but gets them to practice motor skills, counting and stretching at the same time. Sneaky! It’s easy for parents in that it only involves rolling out some butcher paper on the floor and drawing large dots and numbers in a random pattern—you don’t even need it to make a picture!

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