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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Simple Moms: A Great Table to Grow with Your Kids (Highlighter Table & 4-Chair Set

Kids grow. It’s inevitable as we all know. On top of that, as they grow, they grow out of things. Is there anything worse than feeling like you are wasting your money? I always try to think in advance before I make a purchase… will this still be used in a couple years? Are there any other items I can purchase to alleviate the necessity to purchase a similar item again, but something that will “fit” them at the time?  I wish I would have received this item sooner, it would have saved me the headache of the outgrowing toddler table that my 7 year old was still trying to fit at. :) 

My girls just love to do crafts. They love to color. They love to play with their dolls and barbies. I had a smaller table that my 7 year old could no longer sit at, so she was always crouched at the small, toddler table. It was quite the site. I have been eying this table from KidKraft. If you haven’t heard of KidKraft before, you totally have to check them out. I love their products. I have a handful of them, and also reviewed a fun set a little while back, the Espresso Baking Set.

Today, I wanted to share with you my girls’ new table, the Highlighter Table from KidKraft. In my opinion, this is the best table I have found!  Not only is it great on the eye (well, if you like bright colors like I do!), but it’s sturdy and great for my kids!  And don’t worry, if you don’t like the bright colors, KidKraft does offer similar tables in more neutral colors. Continue reading review...

kidkraft highlighter table overall

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