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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Wall Storage Unit - Espresso by

KidKraft Wall Organizer Review

Kids are kids when it comes to making messes – but I think my kids have an extra special gift talent for making even bigger messes than normal. Room to room – whirlwind of toys in their path – and I lose my mind because I (like most other normal people) enjoy not stepping on a plastic army man with bare feet or a triangle block in the middle of the night. (The things I think at these times cannot be shared here lol). 

But I have found a solution that has made my life free from stepping on triangle blocks in the middle of the night (for the most part) and helping my kids learn about responsibility of cleaning up their toys. It is a toy organizer, and not just any organizer – but the KidKraft Wall Organizer.
KidKraft Wall Organizer Review

We have had our KidKraft Wall Organizer for the last few weeks and it has made a tremendous difference in how the kids keep their room clean! I think that the biggest reason for this is because everything is organized but in a simple way, and it is all at their level. 

The boxes pull out easily for them to put on the floor and throw the toys into and then put back in the cubby. There are three big compartments on the bottom for the bigger toys, and then two larger compartments that we use for books. It is really just the perfect layout.

KidKraft Wall Organizer Review

It was fairly easy to put together. It took my husband and I because some of the pieces went together easier with someone holding them, but for the most part the instructions were good and all of the pieces were there as well as extra hardware. 

The thing I loved the most was how the hardware (screws, etc) were all labeled on the back and separated so that you weren’t trying to guess if you had the right one, you knew right away because it was labeled.

Overall we are very happy with the quality and look of the KidKraft Wall Organizer. We have gone through a lot of organizers/shelf/toy box systems over the last 9 years, and this is by far the best one. It gives you a lot of storage space without taking up a lot of room.

KidKraft Wall Organizer Review

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