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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Deluxe Activity Review by Nerdy Navy Wife

When we received the package from KidKraft, I was impressed with the size of the box and the limited amount of excess waste.  As a parent who wants to assemble my son’s toys IMMEDIATELY and not take the time to look for the tools needed to put it together, I love that KidKraft’s products come with all of the hardware and tools needed for immediate assembly.   
Trust me; this is a huge bonus, not to mention the simple, step-by-step directions with pictures rather than words that totally lose me in the first step.  I think total assembly time for the Deluxe Activity Cube was under a minute- 4 screws and I was finished!  

My son has had the activity cube in his play area downstairs for almost 2 weeks now and it’s one toy he navigates to regularly throughout the day!  (I won’t lie, I do too!)  He loves pushing the wooden beads (shapes) across the paths on top as well as spinning the ABC blocks.  As a teacher, the ABC blocks with pictures on the opposite side are an added bonus and definitely allow us to build in that literacy time each day!  Furthermore, the abacus is introducing him to colors, patterns, and counting!  In the short time he has been playing with the discovery center, I have seen improvement in his hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as he is pushing, pulling, and manipulating different parts of the cube.
The only downfall to the Deluxe Activity Cube for us is the difficulty turning the gears.  He loves watching them go around while we talk about colors and how they work together, but they are a little tricky for him to turn independently which causes some frustration for him, but I am confident the more we reinforce this skill, the sooner he will be able to turn them himself.  

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