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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Monster Manor Review by Miss Frugal

We recently had the pleasure of reviewing one of KidKraft’s newest dollhouses, the Monster Manor, which has become an instant hit in our home. KidKraft is a company that I already knew and loved, as they are well known for providing quality and long lasting toys/furniture for kids. I absolutely adore wooden kids toys and after being a mom for almost eight years, I have come to realize that these are the ones that last for many years. 

Upon receiving the Monster Manor Dollhouse, I found myself impressed with how generously packaged it was in order to protect it during shipment. Every single piece of the dollhouse was numbered with a little sticker, allowing me to easily follow the step-by step directions. Even the hardware was labeled and separated into their own little compartments. 

While it took me about two hours to set the dollhouse up, the directions were easy to follow and everything went together with ease. One thing that I really liked about the set up of the dollhouse is that each screw head has color on the top of it, that way they match the dollhouse. Now you don’t have a dollhouse with a bunch of exposed, shiny screw heads all over it, instead the screws blend right in, a very great feature in my opinion!

KidKraft Monster Manor Dollhouse Review

The Monster Manor is very large, sturdy and unique dollhouse that includes eight pieces of furniture. The colors are so vibrant and really catches your eye, KidKraft did a fantastic job with the color scheme. I just love how the dollhouse is crooked, this really emphasizes the haunted house look. 

There is so much little detail put into the features throughout the dollhouse that make it unique and fun. My daughter had a handful of dolls that fit right in with the theme of the dollhouse and she spent all afternoon playing. Even my three year old son finds himself intrigued with it and sneaks into his sister’s room to play with it any chance he gets!

 KidKraft Monster Manor Dollhouse Review

My daughter is a few months shy of her eighth birthday and is also tall for her age. So as you can see from this image below, the Monster Manor is quite large and perfect for children her age!

 KidKraft Monster Manor Dollhouse Review

What is the best feature of the Monster Manor you ask? It provides my children with the opportunity to play together peacefully as they use their imaginations! They have spent so much time together playing haunted house and rearranging the rooms. Their age difference makes it difficult for them to find a common interest and I am delighted that they have found one!

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