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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ahh-Mazing-Reviews: Flip Stool in White

"This stool can be used as a stool or a little chair."

I absolutely love working with KidKraft.  It has become a brand I love and trust, for durable toys and furniture.  All of Davey’s furniture in his room is made by KidKraft and we have had a few KidKraft toys in the past.  

Now that Davey is getting a little older it was definitely time for him to have a stool so he can reach the sink to wash his hands when he uses the bathroom, or to stand at the sink and brush his teeth himself.  I’ll admit, I’ve babied him a bit, but now it is time for him to learn a little independence and do things on his own.  So we were excited when KidKraft sent us aFlip Stool! Continued...

Source: Ahh-Mazing Reviews

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