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Monday, September 12, 2011

My 3 Little Kittens Reviews KidKraft Table with Pastel Benches Review

Thanks to my recent move, my Daughter finally gets her own bedroom. I have to admit that I was looking forward to this much more than she was. Since she is only 2, the transition didn’t mean too much for her, but for me it meant that she could finally have the girlie room that I had envisioned for her. So I was extremely excited to be able to review the Table and Pastel Benches from KidKraft because it is the perfect addition to her new room.

Table with Pastel Benches - Item 26162
I was given a choice of what item to review and I chose the Table and Pastel Benches because I wanted functionality. The color scheme of the set is perfect for any little girl and just screams, “tea party time!” The pastels offer an adorable touch without overwhelming the room with a single color. The benches are perfect for little ones to sit and relax on.

I wanted something that my Daughter could use that would not leave me hovering about just to make sure she didn’t fall off the chair, which is why the benches are beyond perfect for her. The table itself is just as sturdy as the rest of the set and the fact that it hangs out from the base makes it a great table for children. My favorite part of all is the trundle underneath. I will admit that the trundle was the biggest selling point for me. The functionality in a large-size toy storage area that is concealed when not in use is fantastic. It is so nice to have a place for my Daughter’s toys and a clutter-free space.

I have purchased KidKraft products in the past and they are always outstanding. My husband purchased the Metropolis Train Table and Set for our Son about 2 years ago and it is such a wonderful product as well. When we went to put the table together, the table top pieces were incorrectly placed in the box, so we had to request replacement pieces.

Usually when I make a purchase and there is a problem, it can take months (yes, I said months) to get the correct pieces. However, KidKraft sent out the replacement parts and we received them in only a couple days, which is a true testament to their outstanding customer service. Thanks to their dedication to keeping their customers happy and offering products that are far more likely for a child to outgrow rather than break, KidKraft is a brand I trust and will continue to purchase from.

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