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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Raising Small Souls Reviews The Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Kidkraft Majestic Mansion 65252 Dollhouse

The Kidkraft Majestic dollhouse is a lovely dream come true for little girls! Just looking at the glorious photos of this dollhouse make me want to turn back the clock (I’m in my 30′s!) so that I can be a little girl again and play with this magical dollhouse with my friends! If you’re comparing all of the available dollhouses on the market, you’ll notice that this Majestic dollhouse is larger than most of the others, comes fully stocked with a generous assortment of furniture, and has fabulous feedback from online reviewers who have purchased it.

The vast size of the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion 65252 dollhouse makes it a winner for big families, as there is plenty of room for multiple children to play with it simultaneously — which eliminates arguments and fights, always a good thing in a house full of kids! You’ll want to be sure that you have sufficient space for the Majestic dollhouse, so here are the dimensions: 51 x 14 x 52.8 inches, and over 4.5 feet tall! When you look at the photos of children playing with this dollhouse know that the kids have not been scaled down to make the product appear larger, as other companies often do in their promotional photos, so be aware that thing is seriously large!

The back of the dollhouse is smooth and can be bolted to the wall, yet it is not necessary as the Majestic dollhouse is very sturdy. It does weigh about 60 lbs, so it can be moved by an adult. The quality of the wood is wonderful, so that this dollhouse will last for many years of every day playing, unlike similar plastic dollhouses. (Plastics have a finite lifespan of just a few years, after which they start to get brittle and crack when manipulated.) If you have a toddler who may want to climb the dollhouse like a ladder, then you might want to have it bolted to the wall for additional safety, although it’s hard to imagine this dollhouse tipping unless a very heavy child is climbing on it!

KidKraft Majestic Mansion 65252:

The feedback on this Majestic dollhouse has been tremendous! It’s unusual to see exclusively four and five star on large products with many pieces. Currently, this dollhouse has fifty-seven five star-ratings and nine four-star ratings on Amazon. Parents reported that they (and their little girls) were absolutely thrilled when their Majestic dollhouse arrived; the few complaints that were had are outlined later on in this review, so keep reading!

Here are some tips from experienced owners of the Kidcraft Majestic dollhouse:
Read through the instructions and look through all of the pieces before you get started, so that you know what you have and what everything is called.

Allow yourself 2-4 hours to build the entire dollhouse. It is a mansion, after all! If two people are building it together, it should take just about two hours.

Do not screw the elevator part very tightly; leave it a bit lose or else it is hard to move it up and down.

You’ll need a large and small Phillips screwdriver; Kidkraft supplies the alley wrench with the dollhouse.

Don’t wait for the last minute to put this together, just in case a piece needs to be replaced. Kidkraft will ship any broken or scratched replacement parts at no charge, but plan ahead for birthdays or the holidays and order the dollhouse at least a month before you need it!

As the dollhouse is made of wood, sometimes pieces of dollhouse furniture or house parts get broken during shipping. There is a toll free number in the manual to call, and Kidkraft will ship you replacements at no charge right away! It’s wonderful to deal with a company that has superior customer service in this day and age!

Since the whole house is 4 and half feet tall, young (or short!) kids will need some kind of step stool to reach the top floor of the dollhouse where the attic is located. I think the height of the dollhouse makes it that much more fun and realistic for little people whose heads normally reach doorknob level in real houses!

From a happy mother: “My daughters don’t even want to take a break from playing with this dollhouse to come to dinner! It is very well built and has a lot of furniture, which would have cost a lot to buy separately considering the cost of dollhouse furniture, so it’s a really good value for the money. This dollhouse is something that my girls will play with for years to come.” See more reviews here.

The instructions are very clear; they are written with pictures which are simple to follow. You do have to be sure that you’re using the right piece and looking at the correct side of each piece, but if you spread everything out and read through the instructions of how to build the Majestic dollhouse in the beginning, then you’ll be fine. All the parts are labeled for your convenience.

The furniture that comes along with the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion 65252 dollhouse is all very sturdy and made out of wood for years of quality playtime! You can actually feel that the furniture is high quality in your hands, especially if you’ve previously played with plastic furniture.

Any complaints?

The chandelier can come off because it’s attached with string around wood. However, if you glue it in place with wood glue it will be fine.

The elevator can be tough to move up and down. There are 2 tips to enable your dolls to easily ride the elevator: Don’t tighten the elevator screws all the way, and put a bit of WD40 on the sides so that it will glide smoothly. Viola! A smooth elevator ride for the dolls!

Where can I find the best price for the Kidkraft Majestic dollhouse?

After researching many merchants (both online and offline), I found that the best deal was from Amazon. Walmart’s price is very similar, but Amazon offers free shipping while you’d pay an additional $15 in shipping costs to order through Walmart! I was also surprised to see that Costco’s price was about $20 more than Amazon’s! Check the current discounted price on Amazon here.

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