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Monday, May 20, 2013

Campfire Cabin One of the Coolest Dollhouse!

Imagination and playing with momma? Totally not just a girl thing.

I had several “houses” as a little girl – Barbie’s Townhouse, of course, but then a real wooden one. My father and I spent an entire weekend “wallpapering” my dollhouse with real leftover wallpaper from our own home. It was gorgeous. I cut out pictures from magazines and glued them on the walls as posters and made bedding from the scraps of my mother’s sewing. As I got older, the house simply became “the big house” where my people went after they finished riding their ponies – I was far more into my horse stables then.

So I see a dollhouse for the boy as a way to expand his play past washing the cars. And maybe I might get to play with it after he goes to bed? (ha!) more


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