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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Simple Mom Reviews: Espresso Baking Set

I’ve seen KidKraft multiple times before. Every time I do, I leave thinking…how cool! I have something cool today for you! It’s their Espresso Baking Set. My girls are in heaven! They love to help me in the kitchen cooking, and now they are able to do a little cooking all on their own. Real cookies, no. Fake cookies, YES!

The quality of this set is great. It is made out of wood and it is very solid. Between the cookie sheet, the rolling pin, the cookies, the spoon and the mixer that moves up and down, LOTS of cookies and other imaginative food has been made since we received this. I have also witnessed a few tea parties with cookies being made. And the part that I love “almost” the most? It still looks brand new! my SIMPLE star rating :: 5 out of 5


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